About U.S.

All About U.S. is a Social Enterprise set up by myself Josephine Rollings, it represents ‘the truth’ for many and can be related to by everyone. U.S. stands for Understanding Society as it is through the content of my poetry that you gain greater insight to individual behaviour, the why’s, the maybes, the mindsets and frustrations that lead young people and some adults into thinking and acting the way they do. My poems offer readers a more balanced view on life related issues; my poems are at times raw but very real.

As a business I provide products and services that give back to the community and wider social network in order to raise awareness, educate, assist change, show understanding, self evaluate and raise self esteem. This is done through workshops, books, posters and CDs.

I provide these products and services because I see a need to support and further educate young people on life related issues, many may not have stability with in their homes. While the school curriculum offers young people academic support and information the reality is a lot of what young people face on a daily bases isn’t relevant to the curriculum. If young people are not assisted in alternative thinking towards their personal battles they will not be able to gain greater understanding of life’s challenges and these personal battles will affect their ability to learn.

Although my main target groups are young people I am happy to tailor workshops to suit adults as and when required.

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