Invisible Scars

Taken from the book "Harsh Realities" (Caution: Contains strong language)

Here we go,
Again and again another blow.
Sometimes fast,
Sometimes slow.

Definition of a slow blow,
You … Dirty … Little … Bitch.
Cuts so deep,
I often surrender and weep.

Definition of a fast blow,
Fucking Stupid Little Shithouse.
Although I’m managing,
Her wicked words are still damaging.

You ugly retch,
To look at you makes me vex.”
As though having me ruined her rep,
Comments like that make me upset.

This is no way to live,
But where would I go.
In my mind I play,
Imagining what it’s like to run away.

How many times,
Can you be told the same thing?
You’re worthless”,
The blow of her words leave me breathless.

You … Frowsy … Smelling … Slut,”
There she goes stabbing me in the gut.
Trying to defend, I get as far as “but”…
She attacks again like a vicious wild mutt.

I retreat to my corner,
Like a boxer in the ring.
I’m clearly the loser,
Even though Mums the boozer.

Why did she have me?
I’m showered with constant abuse.
Round twenty five,
Emotionally I’m barely alive.

Without being physical,
She beats up my mental.
If this were bowing she’d hold the world title,
I’m exhausted and feeling suicidal.

By Josephine 'Realitie' Rollings   28/3/06

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Name:   jacqui
Comments:   your poems are amazing and with everyone you touch someones heart. keep up the good work .
Sunday, October 04 2009 - 05:07 PM

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