The Queen Within

Taken from the book "Hear My Words"

Where is the lady in the girl?
Some of today’s females are in a different world.
Young girls full of crazy notions.
Bring pure problems without solutions.

Wanna be bad girls who cuss and shout;
Everyone knows when they’re about.
Openly chatting slackness;
Discussing last night and who they slept with.

Where is the shame in their behaviour?
They need some guidance, they need a saviour.
On how to educate themselves,
To structure a plan to gain personal wealth.

Where is the love within?
That tells you you’re not right for him
It’s not all about fun and laughter.
Take time, think about after.

Be friends, have fun
Make sure he’s the one;
Before giving up something ‘Precious,
That can’t be undone.

You may think you’re grown,
But life’s hard out there on your own.
People will show you many faces.
But who’s genuine it’s hard to know this.

Think you’re hot in your mini skirt;
Think you’re in control when you begin to flirt.
Growing up before time;
Man checking you only as a grind.

Why have you no self value
He goes back and forth from you;
With Shantell, Tameka and Suzy.
Next thing you know you’re smelling all oozy.

No condom use has lead to infection.
Off to the clinic to get your injection.
So many girls, who can he blame.
He takes a wild guess and calls your name.

You get vex and cuss and shout,
“Is that all you think I’m about?”
Be serious girl what did you expect?
Check yourself and the way you flex.

Know you’re worth, don’t give in.
Why settle for rudeboys, Demand a King.
As there’s no need for low self esteem,
Remember sweet child; you were born a QUEEN.

By Josephine 'Realitie' Rollings   11/2/04

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Name:   Opeyemi
Comments:   You came to my school some itme ago (HAKA,Bromley) and read this poem. I was very inspired by it. Thankyou for sharing it x
Tuesday, October 27 2009 - 11:59 AM
Name:   Sharon
Comments:   I have seen Jo perform this poem on a number of occasions and each time she gets a big round of applause. We need to keep reminding our young women that they truly are queens and maybe they will start believing it and acting accordingly.
Sunday, October 04 2009 - 09:08 PM
Name:   jacqui ashley
Comments:   one that i will keep drawing to my daughters attention a must read for every queen.
Sunday, October 04 2009 - 05:12 PM
Name:   Jessica Williams
Comments:   My friends need to read this no joke.Your simply saying what every ones thinking .....thats why the roubd of applause is always endless.
your poems are truly a work of pure genius.
Much love .x
Saturday, October 03 2009 - 11:59 AM

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